Videos that work harder

Multiply your brand’s video output.

Make video an integral part of your organization’s growth plan. When you multiply the content, you multiply moments for connection. Our Video Integration Plan identifies opportunities to maximize your video opportunity within your current marketing strategy, communications plan, and maybe even that budget.

Multiply the content, multiply the opportunity


We’re always asking, “what else can we create?” because we believe you should never just make one video during a recording session. You’ve paid the entry fee to have the crew onsite and you’ve scheduled your talent, so take advantage of the opportunity.

The Video Integration Plan

This is a four-hour working session where we’ll map out your audience, messages, and distribution channels. Then we will devise a customized approach that will multiply your content and implement it into your current marketing initiatives. 

Our plan in action

During the three day Women in Analytics DataConnect Conference, we capture a mountain worth of footage to produce multiple video marketing campaigns throughout the year. This includes videos that playback onsite at the event, as well as splicing content into various subject matter and lengths for different platforms and audiences.

“Beth and the Video Story Studio team have been integral in helping us not only meet, but exceed our marketing goals in the most efficient way possible. Beth does an excellent job of getting to know her clients on a deeper, professional level, and that was crucial to helping us piece together the story and the “why” of our brand transformation. We can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Kelsey Dingelstedt, Managing Director of Women in Analytics

 What’s included 



  • A custom Video Marketing & Communication Plan with actionable steps and an implementation checklist
  • A video workflow process flowchart
  • Production calendar calculator
  • Content Development and Video Execution Guide
  • 2 hours of phone support to answer any questions.
  • A 90 day check in meeting to evaluate how the new plan is working, address any challenges, and define next steps.

A  $5,500  Investment

Once you book your session, watch for an email to get started with next steps.  Book Now.


Let’s connect. We’d love to hear about your marketing goals.  Want to learn more about our approach? Click on over to our blog post about the video multiplier process

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