arketing to other business professionals (B2B) is different from marketing to consumers (B2C).

Most of the videos we see on social media, television, and email are B2C content. We are all consumers of products and services, so we are often inundated with videos of businesses selling us something. The process isn’t strategic, messages get diluted, and our eyes collectively glaze over.

Let’s not do that with our B2B videos.

How B2B Video Content is Different

Businesses will expect more from your video content. It’s important that your B2B videos are strategic and have a specific target audience in mind. Don’t blast them to anyone in the world who will listen.

Few brands on the B2C side do this well. Exceptions are Duluth Trading Company with their animated underwear commercials, Panera and their ‘food as it should be campaign’, and – my least favorite product – Axe®. I hate how Axe markets their offensive-smelling product (in my opinion) to young men who equate smelling good with success in the dating world. (I will begrudgingly give them props for strategically communicating to their target market)

Know who your target audience is and be strategic in your messaging.

Here are a few types of B2B videos you could create:

Service Overview Video

If you are creating a service overview video for your business, its content should be strategic. It should communicate your value and show how your product or service will pay for itself, make their lives easier, and grow their business. Show your audience that you understand their problems, and how you can help them.

Like consumers, business owners must operate within a budget. They need to make wise purchasing decisions that generate a return on investment. If they can manage that after engaging with your company, they will look like heroes in the eyes of their bosses.  

Expert Content Videos Perform Best

Nothing is more powerful than an expert on video! Choose a knowledgeable expert in your company to be your video spokesperson. Your expert can talk to your audience and give them the answers to the problems they’ve been struggling with which in turn builds trust and credibility.

By offering educational resources through strategic calls to action (such as more videos, downloadables, etc.), you build trust, demonstrate your knowledge, and keep the door wide open for when they are ready to work with you.  

How to Make Expert Content that People Will Watch

Producing engaging video content is a process, and should follow these recommendations:

  • Be conversational. Write your scripts like you talk. Don’t just read one of your blogs on video.
  • Keep it short. If you’re presenting a concept, limit your video content to two – maybe three – minutes tops. You want to be respectful of your audience’s time
  • Use your content experts. Look internally for your video talent, and don’t assume they will come from your marketing department. More than likely, they will come from another part of your company.

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She may have launched the company in 2016, but Beth’s love of video actually began by learning to edit with two VCRs and a camcorder (throwback!) Beth Menduni is a born storyteller with a background in theatre, visual communications, and graphic design. She worked in video production houses for a decade before launching her own full-service video marketing company based in Columbus, OH. An all-around creative, Beth is also a singer, ceramicist, OU alumna, and proud mom.

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