On average, a viewer needs to hear your message 7 times before your idea sticks. If you’re only making one video from a recording session, you are missing a huge opportunity. You already have the crew, location, and equipment, which are the most expensive parts of video production. Take advantage and produce multiple pieces of content from your one recording session.

That is just the magic we offer at Video Story Studio. With our video multiplier process, you leave a session with several videos to post on your brand’s website and channels. We increase your ROI by producing more content with your same budget. Now, here are 4 strategies we engage.

1. Start with a SMART goal for your content, focusing on measurable and achievable.

SMART goals are Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timely.

  • Specific: clear and detailed
  • Measurable: can track progress
  • Achievable: realistic and attainable
  • Relevant: aligns with your mission
  • Timely: has a deadline/timeframe

All the letters are important, but I like to focus on the M and A. 

For measurable, you have to understand how to track your video’s performance and focus on the correct analytics. How else will you know if your video successfully accomplished your goal?

To be achievable, your video’s call to action needs to be realistic for your audience. For example, a Brand Overview Video is perfect because it introduces people to your brand. Are they going to buy off this video? Hell no! You have to build trust with your people for a sale. BUT you’re not asking them to buy, just learn more about you.

2. Get as much content as you can out of one recording session.

When you bring in your talent, ask yourself, ‘what else can we talk about?’ They are probably there to speak on a specific topic, but what else can you ask while they are in front of the camera? Think about how you can use that content for another campaign in your organization or even internal moral boosting communications.

Footage should never be recorded for just one video (puts away soap box).

Consider capturing B-Roll (footage with no audio, usually detailed shots) or candid behind the scenes footage (perfect for social media to show off your brand’s attitude). Go in with a plan to produce a variety of videos from your footage. It can all be for one campaign/theme or different initiatives. With enough planning, you can record a year’s worth of video themes in one session. This strategy gives you the highest ROI and lifespan for your content.

3. Break content into smaller pieces.

Nobody watches long format videos anymore. Depending upon the topic, I encourage my clients to keep expert content videos under two minutes or else they won’t convert. People have short attention spans, so your strategic messaging must be in the first several seconds. If you do have a long format video, create a series by breaking that video into bite-sized pieces. Also, think about making a promo for social media to get people to your landing page.

4. Make a video capture plan of all the content.

Our process starts with your goal, digs into your audience and how they consume their content, and produces a plan for capturing a variety of high-performing content. We figure out what storylines we can cover in one video recording session. This is not a storyboard. Storyboards are great for planning each scene in a single video. Our Story Sketch process goes beyond that and understands your entire campaign, outlines your process, and develops your distribution plan. It is important to have this plan set  in advance. Think through all the elements that need to be in place weeks before your session to make the recording session successful. 


To get quality content, think like a pizza chain. 

Think of the video making process as an assembly line at a local pizza joint. They’ve standardized their production process to get a good-tasting pizza, over and over. For videos, we understand how to slice up your footage and produce multiple, quality pieces of content to increase your ROI. Like our favorite local pizza shero Jane Grote Abell of Donatos says, “Every piece is important.”

Our videos look good, they perform, and they connect with your people. If you’d like to get more ROI out of your videos, our Story Sketch is the first step in our Video Multiplier Process.

She may have launched the company in 2016, but Beth’s love of video actually began by learning to edit with two VCRs and a camcorder (throwback!) Beth Menduni is a born storyteller with a background in theatre, visual communications, and graphic design. She worked in video production houses for a decade before launching her own full-service video marketing company based in Columbus, OH. An all-around creative, Beth is also a singer, ceramicist, OU alumna, and proud mom.

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