Your video partner is the most important relationship you can have in the video marketing industry. Video is expensive, so it’s got to succeed. How do you pick the right partner?

If you’re reading this, most likely your skill set is not in video production. You need to pick a producer that knows your audience and can guide you from production to distribution. You also want them creating multiple pieces of content out of one recording session. Whether you’re thinking of making a video or already have footage you’re not sure how to use, picking the right video partner creates more opportunities for your brand.

Avoid a video production company who doesn’t understand your audience or how your video will perform.

All video content creation companies are different. Some focus on the technical side of production and show off their latest expensive gear to impress you. Anyone can buy gear, that doesn’t make someone great. Some only capture what is put in front of them without adding creative opportunity. Sometimes you only need to document, but it’s always worth exploring the opportunity. Some get too artsy to feed their creative ego and ignore your needs.

If your prospective video vendor doesn’t discuss your goals, audience demographics, or distribution strategy in the first meeting, chances are, your video will not reach its full potential. 

A video company might tell a great story, but are they focused on making content that will achieve your marketing goals? For them, a video’s performance isn’t their responsibility – it’s yours. It’s your brand, so you drive the conversation. This leaves you with all the risk. If a video underperforms, it’s going to reflect poorly on you to your boss. Really, it should reflect poorly on the producer. Avoid this trap.


A video marketing firm is different. They take a holistic approach to video.

Video marketers examine your audience and goals, helping you plan before hitting record. Their strategic approach identifies what to make, what to say, and where to put your video to optimize performance. Less time is spent in editing because they have a plan before post-production starts. That plan includes getting you multiple pieces of content from one recording to get your brand out there.

At my company, Video Story Studio, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake, how you look on camera, developing a script, or underperforming videos. We will be that invested video partner that strategically attacks your goals for you. We check in with you. We get your feedback. BUT we take on the responsibility of making an amazing product. That’s why you hired us.

With strategic planning, compelling videos will move your prospect further into your sales funnel.

Our Story Sketch is how we help create and share compelling videos. We start with your goals, evaluate your audience, create multiple pieces of content, and develop a distribution plan. Think of our process as a larger flow chart, a plan that helps you plot out major stops but also see the bigger picture for your video.

You can take the Story Sketch to your CEO, so they see your plan and understand the importance of using video in the marketing plan. You show them they get not one video, but multiple pieces of content for the same budget. Ultimately, we help you get the thumbs up for investing the money.


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She may have launched the company in 2016, but Beth’s love of video actually began by learning to edit with two VCRs and a camcorder (throwback!) Beth Menduni is a born storyteller with a background in theatre, visual communications, and graphic design. She worked in video production houses for a decade before launching her own full-service video marketing company based in Columbus, OH. An all-around creative, Beth is also a singer, ceramicist, OU alumna, and proud mom.

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