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You have the knowledge and presentation skills. Boost your visibility and authority in the speaker circuit with a custom speaker reel. We’ll highlight clips of your exceptional presentation and combine them with b-roll, audience quotes, motion graphics and upbeat music to elevate your professional image and stage presence showing event planners and selection committees you deliver.


  • A custom speaker video highlighting your talk
  • Branded motion graphics for emphasis
  • Highlighted clips from your delivery
  • B-roll of you on stage from multiple angles
  • Royalty-free music
  • Closed captioning down of the talk


General Admission: A simple one minute video perfect for those new to the speaker circuit. $1,000

Reserved Seating: Extra coverage at the event including an onsite video interview with our staff at the DataConnect Conference. $2,400

VIP Pass: All items listed above Including a staged recording onsite at our studio or onsite at your location so you can continue the conversation and drop additional knowledge $3,500

    “As a compelling speaker, I have a very strong presence and a big personality and having me onstage, interacting with an audience is much more powerful than me writing the same content in a well written blog.

     Casey Brown, President of Boost Pricing

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