Tri-village chamber: branded event footage

Our friends at Robles Designs brought us in to support their client, the Tri-Village Chamber, with capturing branded event footage for multiple marketing initiatives. VSS provided quality footage that can be recycled and recut into multiple marketing videos. Before the event, we sat down together and determined not only what we needed to capture, but how to stylize the footage so it aligned visually with the brand.



  • 2 hours of B-Roll recording
  • Organization and footage catalog
  • Story Sketch and shot list
a camera points to a crowd sitting in front of a screen

“We felt like we were partners and that the women owned local business that we were supporting was truly going to understand the needs not just of our marketing agency and the assets that we needed, but really our own clients and see what they wanted and bring that to fruition. I feel like I am embraced, and as a marketing agency, I feel like my projects will be taken care of as well as my clients.


Yasmine Robles, Chief Sparkle Strategist at Robles Designs