Sacred Healing Spaces:

Brand Sway Messaging for Higher Profits

We worked with Tecca from Sacred Healing Spaces over our eight week Brand Sway Program to get to know her brand, and help her show up and shine on camera. Tecca’s work involved creating safe spaces of healing and rest through breathwork, body-based interventions, and sharing stories. While Tecca is an experienced storyteller, we were able to refine her message to attract the right audience, and alongside Boost Pricing coaching, she was able to adjust her prices to better align with communicating her value and get paid what she’s worth.



  • 8 weeks of networking and accountability 
  • Collaborative Message Manual creation 
  • Studio recording to create 2 custom about and approach videos
  • Exclusive Boost Pricing coaching and messaging assistance designed to communicate their value
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“I knew what I wanted to say, but through the program, I was able to really decipher what was the most important message to say to represent my brand more clearly and to really attract the customers that I really wanted to work with.”


Tecca Thompson, Owner and Founder of Sacred Healing Spaces