Jesse Jones: Course Creation

Jesse Jones is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s an improv comedian, actor, and event emcee. In Video Story Studio’s infancy, our founder, Beth Menduni attended Jesse’s Art of Business workshop at Wild Goose Creative. The two have kept in touch over the years, so when Jesse decided to transform her “Find your Speaking Style” workshop into an on demand course, she reached out to Beth and the VSS team.

Project Highlights


Jesse had been presenting the workshop live for over 5 years, but there is a bit of a learning curve when transitioning a live performance into a recorded video. The VSS team helped Jesse transform her slide deck into an outline to so the editing team knew where to cut. This came in handy the day of recording.

Jesse is an amazing performer, but this time she wasn’t acting in a commercial. She was stepping into the role of the CEO of her company and delivering a long format presentation. The VSS team is nothing if not adaptable in our approach to helping talent feel comfortable in front of the camera. We quickly threw out the cue cards, added a bullet point script on the teleprompter, and threw away the bad takes. Jesse brought her energy and authentic self to the recording.


  • Half day studio recording
  • Brand photography with behind the scenes footage
  • Marketing strategy
  • Story coaching
  • Video edit


We produced an 11 video series, 4 mini courses, and 5 video promos all from a half-day recording.

“Video Story Studio not only helped me create videos for my course, but the strategy they applied will scale my business.


Jesse Jones