Haven Collective

 Membership Platform 


Haven Collective offers co-working and offices designed for focus, creativity, and connection between passionate freelancers and entrepreneurs. The goal for this project was to produce a business growth series for Haven Collective’s membership intranet to provide content on operations, and offer support to its current members through marketing, finance and time management advice.

 Project Scope 


The original plan was to produce twelve videos but Video Story Studio multiplied the content by adding a short script to each record session to make a promo for prospects. VSS then recut the long format videos into four 30 second videos for their social channels. With one additional script and short edits of their main videos, Video Story Studio multiplied their content by six. The content lives in their membership portal and as promotional videos for social media.


Video Story Studio multiplied the content into 72 evergreen videos: 12 main videos, 12 promos, and 48 social media posts. 

Video content was not a skill in my toolbox, so I hired Video Story Studio to bring my video content to life. Beth and her team made the process simple, straightforward, and enjoyable. I’d recommend any small business to hire them for a fun experience that helps you tell your story and connect with your ideal audience in ways that resonate.”


Danielle A. Lim, Co-Creater and Chief Marketing Officer, Haven Collective