Emerald creative content:

Brand Sway Messaging for Higher Profits

Emerald Creative Content helps businesses get more eyes on their business through SEO strategy. Amanda, Owner and CEO, knows firsthand how important messaging is and how to get the right message to the right people. Through our Brand Sway program we were able to help Amanda refine her own brand message, and effectively communicate the value she provides to her clients to better align her prices with her value and get paid more appropriately for the amazing work she does.



  • 8 weeks of networking and accountability 
  • Collaborative Message Manual creation 
  • Studio recording to create 2 custom about and approach videos
  • Exclusive Boost Pricing coaching and messaging assistance designed to communicate their value
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“My biggest takeaway from the Brandsway program from Video Story Studio is that it’s worth investing in your video marketing. You can try to DIY it, but if you work with professionals that really help you to massage out your messaging, it’s going to be 10 times more impactful than if you try to do it by yourself.” 


Amanda Kern, Founder and CEO of Emerald Creative Content