CEO Gretchen Gordon is a visionary speaker who helps business leaders and sales managers inspire their sales organization to sell effectively. This speaker reel will accompany Gretchen’s speaker bureau profile to let conference event planners see her delivery in action.


  • Half day onsite recording with multiple cameras
  • Brand photography with behind the scenes video footage
  • Footage mining, storyboard, and story build
  • Video edit
  • Custom branded motion graphics package
Gretchen Gordon from Braveheart Sales comfortably sitting in a chair with a laptop on her lap during an interview.


A well produced video that includes closed captioning, branded graphics, and simple 2D text with two rounds of edit. 

“VSS has enabled us to really be the complete resource that we have professed to be, and backs it up. It proves that we can do what we say we can do.


Gretchen Gordon, President of Braveheart Sales