The strategy in the Story Sketch comes to life in our Video Multiplier packages, where we plan out how to capture various pieces of content during a single shoot (making the most out of your budget!) 

Just imagine getting your new sales video with different versions cut specifically for in-person meetings, social media, and your website. And as an added bonus,  walk away with new headshots for your CEO and a handful of GIFs for social media. That’s the beauty of the Video Multiplier. 

To fit a variety of needs and budgets, the Video Multiplier comes in three sizes— plus a custom option for those out-of-the-box projects! While the type of video content and bonus assets we produce are unique to each project, we work with every client to develop scripts or interview questions that clearly communicate your company’s key messages. And on shoot day, we coach anyone who will be on camera one-on-one to make sure they nail it. 

video recording session.

Multiply Content with Bonus Assets

– GIF set
– Photo session
– Headshots
– Video cover images
– Landing page copy
– One page lead magnet
– Social posts
– Blog post
– Email sequence
– Canva templates

As for the technical bits:

  • Production details will be coordinated prior to the video shoot to secure the location, crew, and most importantly, the snacks! A typical crew includes a videographer, grip, and producer.
  • Our equipment typically includes a 4K DSLR camera, teleprompter, boom and lavalier microphones, and lighting gear.
  • The edit will include video text graphics in your company’s brand guidelines, captioning if requested, and royalty-free music. 

    EVERY project starts with a Story Sketch and is included in all Video Multiplier packages. 


This package includes up to 10 minutes of finished video content and a detailed distribution plan of where you should put each asset.


This package includes up to 15 minutes of finished video content, a detailed distribution plan of where you should put each asset with accompanying custom captions, plus three bonus assets. 


This VIP package includes up to 15 minutes of finished video content plus a detailed distribution plan implemented for you across organic and paid. That includes performance tracking and captions for all ads and social posts (media budget of $2,000 included). It also comes with six bonus assets.


If your needs go beyond our usual tiers, we’ll build you a custom package unique to your organization’s goals. Starts at $50,000

If you fit into our tiers but need a little something extra, add-ons are available for the following: Actors/talent, stock video or photo, animation, additional minutes of finished content, extra equipment or crew members to accommodate outdoor locations or special setups, additional photography and gif capture, and ongoing performance tracking.

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