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 Website Video Series  

For their website relaunch, ODW needed evergreen video content delivered in an authentic way. Messaging was vital to explain the high level logistic solution content while including ODW’s unique approach in a minute long clip.


  • HOT content😅. We sweated it out in a windowless warehouse in 90 degree heat
  • Multisite location, 18 talent, 25% of participants were named John 😆
  • 90% of participants admitted they were nervous to be on camera

“VSS has an incredible process that I’ve never experienced at any other production company. Very, very fast turnaround. They are a true partner”


John Meier, Director of Marketing, ODW Logistics

 Project Scope 

Once we understood the storyflow for each page, VSS developed messaging, script outlines, and met with core staff members to discuss their videos. Each selected talent is an expert in the logistics field. VSS’ job was to figure out the most important thing an ODW prospect needed to hear about the service or solution offering to move to the next step in the buyer’s journey.

Since most  participants admitted talking on camera was not a major strength, pre production meetings were crucial in developing trust, building confidence, and working to deliver content they wanted in their personal style.

70% of the project time was spent developing the messaging that needed to be captured on camera. Through our Story Sketch process, we knew exactly what we needed each person to share without the aid of a teleprompter. Our Video Project Plan ensured all the details needed for onsite recording, editing, and the review process was easy to follow.


  • Messaging and script development
  • Talent coaching
  • Multi-day onsite recording
  • Branded motion graphics package
  • Video edit


An outstanding video series highlighting ODW Logistics’ commitment to logistical excellence and company values.

Video team recording content in a warehouse
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