Make sales easier

 Offers don’t convert when the value isn’t clear 


Your story is the hardest one to tell.

When the value you bring isn’t communicated clearly, opportunities are missed. For your marketing to stand out amongst your peers, it’s not just about what you say, but the way you say it that matters.

 Clear Message + Unique Tone = Brand Voice 


Messaging that clearly communicates your brand’s value will attract the prospects ready to invest in your solution. Nervous sales conversations become a thing of the past, letting you focus on answering questions and building a relationship of trust.

The Message Manual

 A brand voice & messaging guide


This is a two-hour intensive (with implementation support) that develops your brand’s voice and key value-based messaging segmented by audience and their location in the buyer’s journey. This guide outlines clear examples and provides a process to help sales and marketing teams communicate your brand’s value consistently.

The message map was amazing. It helped me get really clear on what I was offering and focused on my messaging. “


Erica Fullen, Founder, The Wild Sage Collective

 How it works 


  • Before the session: Complete a 30 minute virtual interview to introduce us to your brand, the service you provide, and the market that you serve.

  • During the session: A two-hour session on zoom, where we’ll review how you’ve been communicating your value story and work through the brand’s current communication style and the attitude you want to embody.
  • After the session: About 7 business days after our initial session, we’ll reconvene for an hour-long message review session. I’ll get the copy 95% of the way there, and we’ll work together to finalize the final 5%.
  • Implementation support: Getting buy-in from your team is crucial, so we’ll provide you with a training video on how to use your guide as well as schedule two thirty minute question sessions where we can help your team troubleshoot any sticking points.

A  $3,500 Investment 

Once you book your session, watch for an email with a link to  get started with your virtual interview.  Book Now.


Let’s connect. We’d love to hear about your marketing goals. Think this sounds amazing but you’d also like help with rewriting your marketing copy. We got you covered. Want to learn more about our process? Click on over to our blog post about developing a branded tone of voice.

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