Branded Evergreen Videos

get more from your footage

So many stories can be cut from recycled footage. The initial production only scratches the surface of what is possible. Edit any footage from client testimonials, interviews, photo archive, branded b-roll, event footage, and even random video on your smartphone. Making the first edit with new footage? We got you covered. Stay top of mind, let your expertise shine, and increase your ROI with Branded Evergreen Videos.



  • Schedule a Story Sketch with us to develop a video editing and distribution plan for your video content.
  • You’ll provide us with your brand assets and up to an hour of source footage.
  • We’ll edit as many videos on your wish list that we can in eight hours.
  • Edits include closed captioning, royalty-free music, branded lower third and end card graphics, and simple 2D text animation with two rounds of edit.

     THE EDIT 


    We offer two different types of editing.

    • Story Build: Start a new edit with fresh video or recycle and reorder existing footage into a new story. This option results in one video up to two minutes in length. 
    • Story Slice: Preselected short format content (:20 – :45 seconds) that can stand alone. You tell us the timecode, we’ll add captions and an end card with a call to action. This option creates up to 6 total minutes of content. 



    • Each edit session: $3,000.
    • Annual retainer discount: $2,500 billed monthly.
    • Graphic heavy edits and animated videos require additional budget.



    14 day turnaround. Week one is all about gathering assets, selecting time codes, developing messaging and strategy. Week two is where we assemble everything into a video, review, tweak, and deliver the files.

      “VSS is really masterful at knowing how to maximize time in the studio for the biggest bang for the buck with repurposed assets.”


      Casey Brown, President of Boost Pricing

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