For video marketing to be successful, a digital distribution plan for your videos is a must. With people fast forwarding through broadcast commercials and cutting cable, you need them to find and share your content from their devices. Be strategic with what you say, who you say it to, and where you say it. 

With a compelling story, you will capture your audience’s attention and make them fall in love with your brand. Without a plan, you are lighting your budget on fire.


Video is expensive, so get it in front of the right people.   

Do you know where your audience is online and how they like to consume video? These are essential questions to ask when developing your distribution plan. You have to get in their mindset and think like they do. No matter if you’re offering a service, raising money for a cause, or offering educational content, you have to speak to your people in the words they use and specifically, what they type into the browser search bar. And, you have to make your content memorable and conversational. 

While trends can be a fun way to engage your audience, if your client doesn’t engage with TikTok or Instagram stories for the content you provide, your content will not convert. Will your videos get you that paying client, convince a donor to part with their hard earned cash, or help an employee take initiative to learn something? I cannot give you a hard yes or no. To answer that, you need to understand where your people are online, how they consume media, and what content they find engaging.


Spend time evaluating your audience to understand their demographics and share video content accordingly. 

Not all platforms will achieve your goals. Avoid the scatter shot approach of posting anywhere and everywhere, hoping you stumble across engaged viewers. Start by thinking about your ideal customer and note certain demographics such as age, gender, income level, and education level. The Pew Research Center publishes Social Media Fact Sheets each year. Compare your list of demographics to it. You might be surprised to learn where your target audience is spending their time. Pew’s article on Social Media Use in 2021 reports that, “YouTube and Facebook continue to dominate the online landscape.” This is great news for content creators.

For my B2B clients, we focus on Google My Business, LinkedIn, and YouTube as our primary social channels and always direct the audience back to the company’s website.

After you’ve done your demographic research, dive into the psychographics to start thinking like your ideal audience and the type of content they are searching for online. Great content is the foundation of a great marketing campaign. I recommend targeting social platforms organically first and directing them to your website and blog. Once you understand your performance, then you can start working on a paid campaign to amplify your messaging and capture additional eyeballs to your goods or service.   

Every company has a different ideal client. I intentionally did not give you specific direction on where to put your content, but I gave you the next step. Spend an hour with the PEW Research Center’s articles, and you’ll be on your way to creating targeted content.

If that next step makes your head spin, consider booking a Story Sketch. We’ll help you understand your audience and provide a distribution plan that strategically tells your story to the right people in the right places.  Learn more about this service.

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If you’re thinking of producing a video in the next quarter, schedule a 15-minute call to see if we are the right fit for your next project!

She may have launched the company in 2016, but Beth’s love of video actually began by learning to edit with two VCRs and a camcorder (throwback!) Beth Menduni is a born storyteller with a background in theatre, visual communications, and graphic design. She worked in video production houses for a decade before launching her own full-service video marketing company based in Columbus, OH. An all-around creative, Beth is also a singer, ceramicist, OU alumna, and proud mom.

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