Berry Interesting

A video series to market their Live Website Assessment product and evidence-based approach. Digital marketing is at the core of what Berry Interesting does, but, like most marketing firms, they rarely have time for their own marketing. (We know how that feels!) To emphasize their message and maximize video shelf life, we created short and informative clips to build awareness and social proof on social media. The longer videos highlighted the company’s process and approach. In addition to all this content, we included a posting guide for Berry Interesting to assist them in sharing their content to get their message to the right audience at the right time in their sales funnel.


Berry Interesting’s team was maxed out between client work and foucsing on their own internal strategy and deadlines. They needed a partner to edit 2.5 hours of footage from a zoom recording and transform it into several longer videos, not only formatted to different platforms, but targeted to the right audience, with their sales strategy in mind. 



  • The Quick EditA two week turnaround to recycle existing content into a completely new series of videos. Edit of 16 videos, roughly 2.5 hours with branded motion graphics, closed captioning, royalty free music, simple 2D text animation with two rounds of edit



Loads of Content: Ten :60 second videos for social, five 5 minute long educational clips, and one hour long format Assessment Overview video edited with branded graphics.

Berry Interesting's team side by side, with sticky notes behind them

“VSS’s expertise truly took over, to the point that it really felt effortless for us. At every point, communication from the VSS team was outstanding, and they demonstrated patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness throughout the entire process.


D’nelle Dowis, Owner of Berry Interesting Productions

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